MUMEI is a platform with a series of tools that empowers both technical & non-technical users to easily interact with and deploy ÐWebs or ÐApps.


Portal Network builds and deploys BNS standards on multiple blockchain protocols.


A website that allows any users to easily buy/sell/bid cross-chain BNS with ease.

Domain manager

An interface that enables any users to manage/transfer/connect/deploy cross-chain BNS.

Web builder

A web builder where non-technical users can build and deploy their decentralized websites on hosted IPFS with their chosen BNS.

Browser Extension

An extension that provides BNS compatbility for regular browsers. Users can simply type in their BNS, such as ‘christophershen.eth’ or ‘christophershen.wan’ and be directed to the corresponding DWeb.

BNS Explorer

An explorer that gives users information about the BNS, such as the ownership of the BNS, it’s expiry date, the DWeb hash, and bidding information.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications that allow users to manage their BNS on the go.


BNS resolver enables any users to easily set the default resolver contract and bind its BNS with an IPFS hash. Below image is the first ENS resolver built by Portal Network for Ethereum Name Service, which helps both the ENS and IPFS communities to easily connect their DWeb with the ENS.